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shutterstock_16068808While each and every immigration-related matter is

unique in some respects, at Lauriston Law Firm our goal is always the same: a timely and successful outcome for our client obtained by using whatever means are available to us by law.

There are ways of obtaining lawful permanent residence that are only available to individuals from specific countries. Currently, nations such as Nicaragua, Cuba, and Haiti fall into this category. However, change is constant in immigration law and pending legislation is always just on the horizon.


Did You Know:
The Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act was signed into law in 1998. HRIFA allows certain people from Haiti to apply for lawful permanent resident status without having to first apply for an immigrant visa at a United States consulate abroad. HRIFA also waives many of the usual requirements for immigration.

As Caribbean Immigrants, the attorneys at Lauriston Law Firm are uniquely aware of the myths and misconceptions in the Caribbean Immigrant community when it comes to immigration. The attorneys are admitted to the Federal Bar and can represent clients throughout the United States and can file petitions for individuals living abroad.
Immigration laws can be quite difficult to decipher and can at times be quite frustrating. Our firm represents clients with a multitude of immigration concerns. The firm is multi-lingual and can assist you for all your immigration needs.

The Firm’s immigration services include:

  1. Residency (Green Card) Applications
    • Family based petitions
    • Employment based petitions
    • Labor Certifications
    • Marriage and Fiancé Visas
  2. Naturalization (Citizenship)
  3. Temporary Protective Status (TPS) Relief
  4. Deferred Action
  5. Consular Processing
  6. Deportation and Removal Defense
    • Asylum Applications
    • Waivers

Our Firm’s experience in criminal defense lends itself invaluably to our immigration practice. Many foreign nationals are unaware how criminal convictions can affect their immigration status until it is too late. Your criminal record can result in the ineligibility to naturalize or even worse…deportation! We painstakingly review our client’s criminal record to ensure that the road to residency or naturalization is as seamless and painless as possible.

Our reputation is paramount in our community and you can rest assured that the attorney’s will be honest and upfront regarding the likelihood of success of your immigration petition.

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