South Florida Divorce Attorney

Separations are never easy. It can be difficult to pull down the curtains on a relationship when you have shared so many memories with your estranged partner in the past. However, when the relationship reaches a point of no return you need to legally part with your partner. If you are contemplating divorce you need a top-rated divorce attorney in Palm Beach County by your side. At Lauriston Law Firm we are committed to helping our clients understand their legal rights and options during a divorce. We have represented clients from all over South Florida.  
As Broward County divorce attorney we understand the fact that the whole process of divorce can be overwhelming as you have to constantly fight a mental battle and this is where we are committed to offering our clients with personalized services during the divorce. Our experienced attorney shall guide you through the Florida dissolution of marriage process and empower you to deal with the entire process. 

Our divorce lawyers in Miami-Dade County constantly focus on educating you on your rights and shall instill confidence in you to go beyond the divorce litigation and aim for a better life ahead. Whether you have concerns about your assets or share in the business, we shall explore every option available to protect your rights and interests under the law. We make you aware of all your options during divorce litigations and stand by your side till a favorable outcome is achieved. 

Affordable Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be lengthy and expensive and this is the reason people living a broken marriage refrain from seeking the legal route to end their relationship. At Lauriston Law Firm we have earned our reputation as affordable divorce lawyer in Broward County and other areas of South Florida and offer our services at the most reasonable prices. We are committed to the idea that no divorcing spouse should pursue the case on their own without being assisted by an experienced and educated legal guidance. We work with the marginalized sections of the society and have helped end relationships that can’t be repaired. As Haitian divorce lawyer we have closely worked with the community and enjoy strong reputation among our clients. 

Simple Divorce Lawyer

This is an ideal and the least expensive way to end the marriage. If you and your estranged partner have mutually agreed to part ways and neither of the sides is planning to challenge the separation this is the route to be adopted. However, there are certain requirements that both the parties need to meet for such a divorce and these include – 

  • One of the parties must be a Florida resident for minimum of six months 
  • There is no minor child/dependent children from the marriage or the wife pregnant at the time of divorce 
  • The partners cannot have any unresolved financial obligations
  • Both the parties require to complete marital settlement agreement

When you and your estranged partner are seeking the Simple Divorce option of separation our Broward County divorce attorney would assist you. Though this process is simple and quick there is certain amount of paperwork to be processed and our team would take care of the same. 

At Lauriston Law Firm, we are committed to helping our clients during the separation process. We ensure that the process is quick and less stressing and at the same time all your rights are protected.  We have enjoyed high rate of client satisfaction as the most trusted divorce lawyers in Miami-Dade County and other areas of South Florida. Call the best Divorce law firm Lauriston Law Firm at 954-745-8051 today for a free consultation.