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In the State of Florida, Child Support is the right of every child. They are entitled under the law to receive ongoing support from their parents till they turn 18 which can extend in case the child has special needs. If you are seeking separation from your partner or appealing for paternity action, you will need to the help of an experienced Child support lawyer in Broward County or elsewhere in South Florida. A fair child support amount is important when it comes to your child’s upbringing and ensuring that he or she finds its place in the world as an adult. 
When a parent fails to meet their child support obligations, it can be a stressful for the child. We are well aware of the need for speedy action and relieving you of the financial stress and burdens that come along. Our child support lawyers evaluate the necessary information in quick time and pursue your case to avoid any further delays. As a client-centric law firm our child support lawyer in Broward County are committed to protecting the financial rights of your child. 

At Lauriston Law Firm we can assist you though the entire process and override all the confusions and doubts you have regarding child support guidelines. Whether it is financial affidavits or income withholding orders, our lawyers would ensure your child’s rights are protected under the law. We understand the kind of emotional stress you go through during separation and stand by you to ensure your child’s parent does provide the necessary support. As a law firm with child support and custody lawyers well-versed in this area of law, we help in determining the legal rights of the child and ensure that these rights are enforced as per the law. 

Partnering You In Step Parent Adoption

As a step parent you may share the same bond with the child as you’d have done with your own biological child. You may have built a closer relationship with them when their biological parent isn’t involved in their life. When you enjoy this responsibility and wish to play an important role in their upbringing, you must legally cement this relationship with step parent adoption. This legally binding agreement offers you complete rights over your step child and you would gain the rights and responsibility over the child from his/her biological parent (male or female). In this type of adoption it is necessary to obtain consent of both the spouse as well as noncustodial parent wherein the child hasn’t been abandoned by the non-custodial parent. 
At Lauriston Law Firm our experienced attorneys help you through all the stages of step parent adoption process. Step Parent Adoption process can have its legal troubles when one of the biological parent refuses to give their consent to this adoption. This often calls for appealing to the court to terminate their parental rights either due to abandonment of the child or their inability to provide care and meet other upbringing requirements. As the top-rated adoption lawyer in Broward County, we are committed to helping step-parents navigate through this adoption process without any hassle. We have handled hundreds of step parent adoption cases in the past and well aware of the legal hurdles and the legal options to navigate through this process.  

At Lauriston Law Firm, we are committed to uniting families and helping people in their quest for adoption and in other areas of child support. We have helped our clients and protected their rights and parental relationship. Call the best Child support law firm Lauriston Law Firm at 954-745-8051 today for a free consultation.