South Florida Car Accident Lawyer

Your life can take an adverse turn in a split of a second when you become victim of a car accident. Your health, career and all your future plans suffer a deadly blow in the aftermath of an accident. The next big challenge is to seek financial compensation that helps you put your life back on track. However, this is easier said than done and many victims are left frustrated with the red tape involved in seeking their rightful compensation amount. From establishing fault to overcoming the challenges set by the insurance firms, it isn’t always a smooth sail. If you have been victim of a car accident you need to seek help from a top-rated South Florida attorney. 
At Lauriston Law Firm, we understand the kind of physical pain and emotional stress that you develop following a car accident. Not only do such events lead to extensive injuries, property damage and even fatalities in certain cases, they can leave behind a permanent scar in your body and your minds. You must be compensated well enough to take care of the necessary medical expenses as well as well cover other losses you have suffered. We help you explore all your options to recover compensation and ensure that all the damages you have suffered are compensated. 

In case of minor injuries or negligible damages you can rely on the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance to compensate you for the damages but that isn’t enough in most cases. It doesn’t pay for the hefty medical bills or weeks of lost wages. You must be compensated for all the damages you have suffered during an injury and this is our area of focus as auto accident attorney in South Florida. You need to make a fresh start to your life after the injury and we shall help you with that. 

Best Car Accident Lawyer in Broward County

While you have the choice of dozens of law firms to represent you, we at Lauriston Law Firm have earned our reputation as the best car accident lawyer in Broward county and this is based on the number of cases we have represented successfully and helped our clients earn the maximum possible compensation for the injuries and damages they have suffered. As a team of top-rated auto accident attorney in South Florida, our focus has constantly been on bringing a personalized approach to every case we take up. 
Our team gets down to collecting crucial evidence related to the fault, damages and the medical expanses you have incurred since your injury. We focus on all aspects of the case during this discovery process that include – 

  • Violation of traffic law by the guilty party
  • Where there was a case DUI
  • The exact contents of the police report 
  • Eye witness accounts of the incident 
  • The driver’s actions on the scene post incident 

Proving Negligence

Auto injury compensation cases are factored around proving the guilt and we have constantly focused on proving negligence of the guilty party and helping you earn fair compensation for the losses you have suffered. Our car accident lawyer in Broward County and elsewhere shall focus on proving – 

  • The guilty party was bound to care for you but had breached that duty
  • Your injury was a result of the breach of duty 
  • You suffered injuries and damages from that event

At Lauriston Law Firm, we have helped our clients millions of dollars in compensation in auto injury cases.  We go to every length to protect your rights and interests in the aftermath of an auto accident. Call the best South Florida car accident lawyer at Lauriston Law Firm at 954-745-8051 today for a free consultation.